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  • Possible podcast interest?

    I’m thinking about starting a new podcast focused around “Life Switchers”—people who have made a major change in their lives such as going from being a corporate drone to a business owner, or from a high-level executive to a school teacher. I’m not sure of the frequency right now. It could be once a month […]

  • Business talks don’t have to be boring

    There is an assumption that business talks, by their nature, are boring, as exemplified in this post. This is good news, in a sad sort of way. It’s like the old joke about the two guys trying to outrun a grizzly: “I don’t have to outrun the bear; I only have to outrun you.” Since […]

  • You can lessen the grip of media-induced fear

    I have heard many cry out in the last few days, “Media! Leave Newtown alone! You’re despicable!” The humane part of me agrees with this cry. But you have to understand something. That media frenzy that everyone decries? It’s all our fault. Related posts: Micro Persuasion: Guest Post: Leo Babauta on the Tao of Marketing […]

  • Why Lois Creamer is one of my speaking heroes

    There are a lot of reasons Lois Creamer is one of my speaking heroes. Here are just a few of them. We haven’t had this conversation, but in my observation, I don’t think Lois thinks of herself as a speaker. She might call herself a speaking professional. Certainly, she is an expert who speaks… and […]

  • Update: Speaking Expert Teleseminar helps–but grab it now!

    Let me tell you right now that I am an affiliate for the Speaking Expert Teleseminar. But let me also tell you that I paid for it up front because I recognized five out of the seven experts and knew their work to be well worth the price, and I wanted to ensure I got […]

  • Book review: Say yes and benefit from this book

    One of the major rules of improv comedy, of which Avish Parashar is an expert, is that whatever your colleagues throw at you, you should say yes to it and develop it. Saying no stops the action. It’s a little harder to see that “yes, but” is just a form of no, but in effect […]

  • Infographic: The Pitfalls of Freelancing

    Infographics have become a trend–at least partly, I think, because they’re information-dense means of quickly making sense of a topic, and effectively combine visual and verbal information. This one applies to both writing and speaking, I think, as well as the obvious connections to IT. Created by: Masters Degree Related posts: Especially for students: taking […]

  • Study shows social media useful for marketing (maybe)

    Kristen King (no relation to me) effectively explains the study that examines how marketers are using social media and what kind of results they’re getting. She includes a link to the complete study as well, but read her take on it first. No related posts.

  • New medium, old idea–working well together

    Diana Huff points out the obvious, which is often anything but: relationships are crucial in most areas of human endeavor, and yet hard to measure. Her post, “Social Media: Don’t Expect a Marriage Proposal on the First Date,” uses as an example a contact she developed (and that’s really too strong a word, since it […]

  • Especially for students: taking charge of your “job”

    This blog is “not just academic,” as the flag shows. While we’re primarily interested in communication-related topics, and technology in higher education, we’re focused on application. Feeds show up in a couple of online classes, though, so I want to take an opportunity to post a link to an article that may spark some pragmatic […]