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Because of scummy spammers, I have had to shut down my longtime favorite email address. [sigh] If you are coming to this form because you are a real live human being and you got a bounce from the old address, you can use this form to re-establish contact. I’m sorry I can’t just give you the address, but you can see from the circumstances why I have to be a little roundabout in getting back in touch. I don’t want to have to redo all my contacts again, just because of some subhuman species with no regard for human beings.

If this is your first time getting in contact with me, then this same form will connect us. Thank you, and I wish the process could be easier!

If you are a member of the aforementioned spamming subhuman species trolling for a target: may the jock-itch from hell infest your underwear–and may your kin find out about it and start sending amazing offers to your email address.

Use this form, please, to get in contact.

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