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PowerPoint CPR

Advance your career
by advancing your impact on students

Donn King specializes in working with college and university educators who want to get ahead by forging top-notch communication skills while reducing the stress of high-demand teaching.

Is this YOU?

  • You’re on your way to tenure, but you’re not there yet…
  • Or maybe you are contingent faculty seeking a full-time appointment…
  • You are frustrated with the demands of covering material while pressured to use “flavor of the month” to engage students…
  • Even YOU are bored with the material you are presenting….

You are in the right place! Donn has taught public speaking to college students for 30 years, and has helped hundreds of faculty learn to make effective use of “out loud” to instill knowledge and passion into their students. Coming soon: read what some of them have to say.


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