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Remember or Find Your Why!

Donn’s new book, The Way of the Three-Year-Old Why, is available in ebook and paperback, with hardcover coming soon! Be among the first to get it. Find out more (it costs nothing to look)!

This book is sure to captivate readers with its mysterious mentor, secrets, and powerful lessons. The Way of the Three-Year-Old Why The Way of the Three-Year-Old Why coveris a business fable that follows Dan Roberts, a struggling speaker who is battling to create a successful business while trying to cope with his daughter’s disability. A mysterious mentor appears in the form of a coffee barista, and someone keeps leaving him guidance notes, hinting at an intimate knowledge of Dan and his need to find his “why” the way a three-year-old does.

Discover how this book will change your life:

  • Uncover the power of your why and unlock deeper levels of success
  • Experience a shift in mindset and gain the confidence to pursue your passions
  • Learn the five guidelines for asking “why” the way a three-year-old does

By following five guidelines for asking “why” the way a three-year-old does, Dan embarks on a journey of self-discovery and finds the answer to his struggles. If you enjoyed books such as The Go-Giver, Said the Lady with the Blue Hair, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, or Start with Why, you’ll love The Way of the Three-Year-Old Why.

Unlock the power of your why and gain the confidence to pursue your passions. Buy The Way of The Three-Year-Old Why now before the price changes! (If you’re in a hurry, get it direct from Amazon.)

Donn is all about connection

It’s not that the content doesn’t matter. It’s that without the connection, the content won’t matter.

Donn King is The Confidence Cultivator. He is a professor of communication studies (which means “a professor of standing up in front of people and saying stuff”). He’s also a pastor, a speaker, a writer and author, and a communication coach. He works with professionals and leaders just like you who want to speak confidently so they can increase their impact, gain influence, and build their careers. He has spoken to audiences, churches, and radio audiences across the United States and written numerous newspaper, magazine, and blog articles as well as a textbook.

Free short story!

If you’re not sure you’ll like the writing style of Donn’s books, try it out for free with a short story set in the Sparklight Chronicles story universe, called Brewing Inspiration. It obligates you to nothing, but it also doesn’t leave you hanging since it’s complete in itself.

Benefit from the podcast!

Donn also is hosting fascinating conversations with people on his podcast. We’ve all heard of “The Great Resignation,” but it is more accurate to call it “The Great Realignment” as people realized life is short and reoriented their lives to honor what was important to them. That led to a lot of resignations, but it also led to a lot of recommitments and renewals within existing employment.

The Alignment Show” features conversations with folks who have taken steps to identify their highest values and aligned their lives around them.

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