Long-time readers (and there are several of you out there—thank you!) know that I have gone through periods of not posting much. You might think that I’ve just gone through one of those and that it’s related to the loss of my son, which is the last thing I wrote about here.

You would be partly right.

On the other hand, you would be very wrong, and I need to update you, therefore.

Although I haven’t written anything here since I wrote about what I learned when my son died, I have published 29 articles elsewhere (in six places), plus started a book and had two more articles accepted for print publication.

Most of those 29 articles appear on Medium, an online publishing platform that values quality writing by both amateurs and professionals. I’m not just writing about communication-related topics there, but when I do I immediately reach an audience of people looking for just such topics. Several of those folks have found their way here to Speaking Impact, in fact.

In other words, I’m fulfilling my life’s mission more effectively by publishing on Medium than publishing here.

That doesn’t mean that Speaking Impact is going away. It does mean that the way I share with you and the world will have a different flow to it.

Several of you reading this already get an email from me whenever we have new content here. Some of you are fans (and I appreciate that deeply), while others simply seek practical information to help you increase your impact and influence through effective communication. Speaking Impact will remain as a resource to foster such, but the blog posts will now serve more as a gateway to posts on Medium.

If Medium ceases publication or otherwise becomes ineffective for sharing such content, we can always bring it right back here. But for now, I can serve a lot more people through Medium without losing the ability to serve those of you who read here.

Let me lay out the flow, and also give you some pointers as to how to best access the content.

Weekly roundups

On Fridays, I will post here a roundup article that includes links to my posts on Medium, with a brief blurb. Some of them will deal with something other than communication effectiveness, and if you mainly want to follow everything I write on Medium, you might want to simply go there and follow me.

It’s still worthwhile staying on the mailing list because you will get notifications about other things (such as when my next book comes out) here. Several folks have joined the list from Medium and will benefit in that way.

Make sure you don’t miss out

But there will be links in those posts that may not be visible to you. Medium has a membership program. Some of the articles I will link to will only be available to Medium members. You can read up to three “members only” posts per month without needing to join, and that may be sufficient for you. But for $5 a month you can have unlimited access to all of Medium’s content. That’s about the same you would pay for a single issue of People magazine, and there are hundreds of stories about technology, culture, entrepreneurship, creativity, self, politics, media, productivity, design, food, film, humor, literature, sports, etc.

On the other hand, if you just want to be sure you have access to pretty much everything I write you might consider becoming a Raconteur. For just $2 a month you can access all of the Medium content (including the articles that otherwise would only be available to Medium members) and get notified of new books when they are still free on Amazon or otherwise available via a promotion. Higher level tiers give you access to the books for free outside of promotions, and include the opportunity to take part in online Q&A meetings, video chats, and even lunch (plus other goodies).

We’re past Friday now, but after I post this I will go ahead and create a post with links to all of those articles so far, and then keep up with it each Friday afterwards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use the “Contact” link or drop a comment below. I hope this all makes sense to you, and I look forward to continuing to serve you to an even greater degree with this setup. Thank you for your interest and your support!

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