The new year will bring a new service. I’m collaborating with a fellow speaker who is a doctor to put on a workshop and training for doctors about their unique needs in customer service, tentatively titled “Physician, Heal They Business.” Doctors are in a unique business position, and they don’t always know how to train their staffs for that aspect of their practices.

I was thinking about this when I read Dianna Booher’s post, Communication Skills: Would You Take This Customer Service––Seriously?. In Dianna’s experience, it’s not a medical doctor (I do know the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist, beyond the fact that one is easier to say), and there is no staff involved–it’s the professional himself. But it’s a similar situation. When you get right down to it, good customer service is just good communication, but like common sense, it seems to not be too common.

What have been your customer service experiences in medical offices? Post them here (but leave names of doctors out–they have good lawyers).

Photo by Flickr user Clever Cupcakes.

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