You may be the greatest in the world at whatever it is you do, but unless that message gets communicated effectively, no one will ever know.

You may be the most amazing musician. But unless you get out in front of people, unless you take a chance, unless you perform somewhere other than your dining room, no one will know, and the world will be a poorer place.

You may be the most amazing writer. But if you never publish in some form, if you just keep your writing in a trunk, no one will know, and the world will be a poorer place.

You may be the most amazing speaker (although I don’t know how you would get that way without getting in front of audiences–at least the previous two you could “learn by doing” without others witnessing). But if you don’t take the chance of rejection, if you don’t take the steps necessary to get audiences, no one will know, and the world will be a poorer place.

Do you think that in this time of easy and instant communication that you couldn’t be that exceptional without people finding out?

Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal went 72 years before the rest of the world realized how unique he is. CNN reports that not only has the Guinness World Record crew named him the world’s shortest living man, they have also confirmed him at 21.5 inches tall as the shortest adult ever measured.

He surpassed Junrey Balawing of the Philippines, who is a whopping two inches taller at 23.5 inches. Balawing only received the “title” last June on his 18th birthday. Think about that: Balawing was known to be that short for awhile, and they were just waiting for him to turn 18 to make him an official adult. Dangi has been around four times as long, but no one outside his village knew about him.

The Hot Glove says Dangi has “never worked outside the home or seen a doctor, and until Wednesday, he had never left his remote mountain village in western Nepal. [He] took his first trip outside his village and his first trip on a plane to reach Katmandu on Wednesday.” He had no idea he was that unique, and neither did anyone else.

It wasn’t until a forest contractor cutting timber in the village met him and informed local media that the story became known.

Dangi has become famous for something he couldn’t influence. You, on the other hand, have a lot of influence over the skills you develop, the knowledge you acquire, and the unique insights you develop. You have something to contribute to the world, and that’s the most important aspect of all this. But that attribute alone is not sufficient. Communication without substance is just hot air. But substance without communication will lead to nothing at all.

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