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Dealing with non-controversial material in a meeting


I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the interest I’ve had from people on parliamentary procedure. It fits this blog in the sense that we seek to foster effective communication, and when it’s used correctly (instead of just as a technicality), parliamentary procedure can help that along. As those who get it will see, in my upcoming ebook I point out that parliamentary procedure is simply a practical way of balancing two opposing needs every decision-making group has: the need for everyone who has something to contribute to be heard, and the need to expedite business.

We’re not going to turn this blog into one dedicated to parliamentary procedure, but in the interests of making the meetings you must attend work more effectively, we will occasionally have a communication-focused post about it. Here’s one now! Continue reading

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Colonel Henry Robert: Vampire Slayer


Lots of activity this weekend, because it’s the fall conference for District 63 Toastmasters. I’ll be presenting an education session Saturday morning on “Colonel Henry Robert, Vampire Slayer: Making Parliamentary Procedure Exciting.”

So, I’m focused on getting that ready. I do want to mention, though, that I’m finishing up an ebook to give a right-brained context perspective to parliamentary procedure, and when it’s ready I’ll post a link to it here. When it first goes live, it will be in the Amazon Kindle store for free, so be sure to watch for it.

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