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Bonus post: Introverts, Parties, and Root Canals

A friend posted on Facebook some out loud thinking as to whether she dreaded more a root canal or going to a party, introvert that she is.

Another friend posted what became the first in a list. Here’s the list, with a bonus.

Ten Reasons a Root Canal is Better Than a Party for an Introvert

  1. A root canal won’t ask you if it can call you later. (Thanks to Katherine Bailey-Shaffer for that one.)
  2. Root canals take place in a small room with, perhaps, quiet music playing in the background.
  3. Root canals usually have a predictable time they will end.
  4. During a root canal, no one expects you to respond with witty conversation.
  5. Two words: nitrous oxide.
  6. A root canal is less like pulling teeth for an introvert.
  7. One, or at most two, people at a time.
  8. If you say something stupid, everybody blames the nitrous.
  9. You have something to grip.
  10. You’re not expected to invite the dentist over to your place next time.

And, bonus: Dentists usually use good mouthwash.

Bookmark the site. I’m working on a book about communication skills for introverts.

Can you relate to this list?

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