Flip flops

No getting around it, aging causes some issues. As my bones have gotten creakier and I’ve gotten heavier, I’ve found a particularly painful part of the day to be showering. When I step onto that hard, flat surface, my feet hurt.

I put up with it for weeks until a few days ago when I passed a display at Walmart labeled “99 cent sandals.” They were the kind I used to get to go to the beach, the kind you don’t care if you lose them in the sand or the surf. I picked out a black pair rather than the gaudy ones–after all, no one else would ever see them, but why take chances?

Problem solved. Honestly, I don’t care for the feeling of that thing that goes between your toes, but for 5 to 10 minutes it feels a lot better than the cold, hard bottom of the shower.

There is probably some issue you face that has been nagging you for awhile. In fact, you’ve gotten used to it, and just accept it as part of life. Most of our problems aren’t that simple–but some of them are. Is there a 99-cent solution you are overlooking?

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