It’s interesting the things we do when we don’t have time to do them.

I’m really grading stuff–really, I am. At this exact moment, though, my brain is fuzzed, everything I’m reading might as well be in Chinese, so I took a moment to download and install a “new” browser.

As with most things, it’s not really new. The developers of Flock have been at it for awhile. But it’s starting to get more notice, mainly because of its structure designed to manage the myriad social networking tools that seem to define Web 2.0.

Since it’s based on Firefox, it is both familiar and new. Those myriad tools take some figuring out, but only because of how many there are, not because of difficulty. In fact, everything seems pretty intuitive. For instance, I am using the built-in blog editor (in the browser, remember) to compose this blog post.

So far I have found only two drawbacks: some Firefox extensions work with Flock, but not all. I have some favorites, at least one of which may be a dealbreaker if it doesn’t work. I don’t know yet–quite literally, I installed this thing 10 minutes ago, and I’m already up and running with it, which bodes well.

The other things is very, very minor. When I edit my blog using its own WYSIWYG editor, the link button lets me set a target (in effect, it lets me specify whether the new link will load in a new window or replace the one it came from). The Flock editor does not. It’s really very minor because I’m an old HTML guy and know how to code that directly. It’s just slightly annoying to have to switch over to “Source” view to do so.

Just found another, that may be resolved when I post. There is a window to add tags, but not a way to apply WordPress categories. I suspect blogs are moving toward tags rather than categories anyway; we’ll see. [Update: It let me pick a category on posting! I’m impressed. They seem to have thought of everything, including letting me pick which blog it gets posted to. This editor, therefore, would allow you to use the same interface for multiple blogs, whether your own hosted or one on a service such as I’ll have to see if it will pop up for me to edit an existing post.]

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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