Workaround for teleporting issues

Yesterday residents commonly reported being unable to teleport or to fly across region borders without getting stuck. Typically, attempting either causes kind of freeze, and then you get a message that you have been logged off–you can look at existing IMs if you want, but otherwise, you have to click “quit.”

I reported it to support, and last night was able to teleport and fly as normal–just figured they had fixed it. But today a colleague reported the same problem, and while I’m on campus, at least, I am having the problem again. For those of you technically-minded, a comment from a Linden blog post might shed some light on the problem. If LL fixes the problem soon, no worries. If not, maybe we can politely ask for another port to be opened, especially if we’re able to teleport at home, but not at the college.

In the meantime, here’s a workaround.

  1. While you are inworld (because you will be able to login SOMEWHERE), open the map and find the next place you want to go. You can even do this by double-clicking a Landmark from your Inventory and choosing “Show on Map” rather than “Teleport.”
  2. In the bottom right-hand corner of the map is a new button: “Copy SLurl to Clipboard.” With your target selected on the map, click that button. You’ll get a confirmation box telling you the SLurl has been copied and suggesting ways to use it.
  3. Log out of SL.
  4. Open your browser and paste the SLurl into the URL window of the browser.
  5. When the site comes up, click the “Teleport Now” button, and OK it if the browser asks you for confirmation.
  6. When your SL client comes back up again, the target will be selected as the login target. Just log in.
  7. The map will likely be open when you log in; you can just close it, since you are already at your target.

Yes, it’s kludgy. But it will work until LL either fixes things, or we get another port opened up.

[UPDATE 7 Feb. 2007] We have determined the problem is a too-restrictive firewall at the college. So this workaround should work until we are able to resolve that.

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Author: Donn King

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