Lonely bear

I sent out an email to subscribers. I sent it because they used to open my emails a whole lot more. But then my daughter had some issues and I quit writing for awhile.

I have a severely disabled daughter, who went through a long period of rough times. I got so overwhelmed that I stopped writing for a long time, and people got used to not hearing from me.

I started writing again a little over a month ago (April 3), but I’ve noticed that people aren’t opening the emails nearly as much as they used to. I’m trying to figure out why.

If you’re reading this, obviously you have found me. (If you already got an email from me, I’m sorry–but maybe you’ll respond to this one!) If you don’t know what this place is for: I am focused on helping people better their jobs and their lives through more effective communication, whether it’s speaking or writing. I think that when you can communicate more effectively and more confidently, every area of your life gets better. It’s the easiest way to leverage just about anything that would make your life better, especially jobs/business and friendships/marriages/relationships. I know that my life is better when I’m able to connect through good communication, and I know it gets worse when I forget to apply what I know.

Let me be clear: I’m not interested in gimmicks just to get you to open emails or read blog posts. Life is too short for me to be interested in playing those kinds of games. If I’m spending the time to write, and people are going to the trouble of subscribing to a list or following a blog, I want to make sure I’m doing more than cluttering their email boxes and their browsers

Would you help me to help you? There was a reason you connected with me here in the first place. There’s a reason people aren’t opening the emails as much, although it seems to me that I’m writing about the same stuff I always have.

Help me understand?

I want to make it easy for you, but I don’t want to just do one of those common surveys that it seems like everyone does these days. So I’m going to go in between. If you would, please, follow the link I’ll give you and, yes, there are some “quick survey” type questions. But there are also some text boxes where you can give some longer answers if you like. The fact is, I don’t see myself as ever being one of those people with 50,000 subscribers. I’m not trying to “build” anything. I’m trying to connect. I’m trying to be useful. So rather than gathering “big data,” I’d rather learn about you–not in a creepy stalker kind of way, but in a “I don’t want to waste your time” kind of way.

So here’s the link. It’s just a Google Docs form to make it easy for me to get all the responses in one place.

Thank you in advance for helping me be useful to you!

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