Intended or not, one of the side effects of the Digital Storytelling class for me Filling the frame, filling my lifehas been to focus my thinking on the progression through the years of my relationship to media. For a ds106 assignment I put together a Prezi presentation that started exploring that, and the thought process has continued, enhanced in part by the current two-week-long assignment that has us participating in the dailyshoot.

Among other former jobs (my students are already a bit amused by how many former jobs I’ve had, but that’s part of the pattern in the mass communications industry), I was chief photographer for a small daily newspaper (photography was a big part of the job at earlier papers as well, and I also made part of my living doing darkroom work and owned an early one-hour photo-processing business). Photography was one of my early hobbies, begun in 8th grade when Mr. Culp, the yearbook sponsor, stuck his head out his classroom, spotted me in the hallway, and said, “You! Would you like to be the photographer for the yearbook?” Continue reading

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