When I returned from the Instructional Technology Conference I mentioned earlier, I found a press release waiting for me. I’m sure I received it because of still officially being a writer for The Metaverse Messenger, although thanks to my daughter’s situation I haven’t written for them for months now. (I hope to remedy that soon.) The release was announcing an event inside Second Life in which The Tech Museum of Innovation, “one of the nation’s premier science and technology museums,” planned to hold an awards ceremony announcing the winners of the virtual exhibit creation contest as well as the winners of the special “Best Of” $1,000 cash prizes for best-in-SL, most educational, best collaboration, and best overall virtual exhibits.

I missed the ceremony by a few minutes, tied up with college business. I will find out about the winners later and hope someone took some pictures–the M2 gets dibs on the story because they forwarded me the press release. But I want to tell you three things about it for our purposes here:

  1. That’s some serious money! When they say $1,000, they mean in US dollars, not Lindens.
  2. The press release came from Ogilvy Public Relations. If you know anything about PR, you know they are heavy hitters in the PR business. Just the fact that they were involved indicates to me that someone is taking this SL business very seriously.
  3. If you poke around their museum in SL a bit, you’ll not only see some impressive examples of what’s possible in SL; you can also learn something about how to do it yourself.

If you already have the SL client installed on your computer, you can get to their Island by clicking the following link:


If you have any problem with that at all, just start your SL software and log in, then open a map and enter “The Tech” as the search term. Once the map has located the island, enter 197, 159, 38 in the little boxes at the bottom of the right-hand control panel.

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