Here is one of the reasons I love blogs as a learning tool: they automatically make an archive.

I was looking over a blog belonging to my friend and colleague, Jim Dye. He’s been tied up with lots of stuff this year, and hasn’t had a lot of chance to update the blog. (Readers of this blog understand why I sympathize.) But Jim always hooks into interesting stuff, so while scrolling back through some posts that are nearly a year old, I discovered something that is brand new to me, called Jing. You can see Jim’s brief demo of it.

Jing’s tag line is: “Visual conversation starts here.” It enables you to screen capture or screen videorecord and then share it in email, IM or blogs. I’m telling you about it even before I try it out, because the main point of this post (never lose your focus, you know) is that I only know to give it a try because Jim’s blog preserved that nearly-year-old post, whereas updated Web pages wipe away old content, necessitating figuring out how to work the Wayback Machine–and even then, you’d pretty much have to have known it had been there once before you could find it.

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