Long-time readers may notice that we are starting to carry low-key advertisements and affiliate links. I’m still deciding whether to include AdSense or not, and my only hesitation is that I have little or no control over what products show up there. I don’t want to endorse anything that I can’t really endorse. So if you see those there, recognize that its appearance on this site does not constitute an endorsement.

On the other hand, if it is an affiliate link (which will be identified by an accompanying link to this page), you can be assured that I will only recommend things I have checked out and use myself. You will never see an affiliate link on this site that is there just because it might make me some money. Honestly, none of them will make much, and none of them are worth the trust you might have in what I say. On the other hand, if I like something I am happy to recommend it, and if recommending it can help me buy coffee, why not?

Plus, I will never NOT recommend something just because I can’t get an affiliate relationship. If I like it, I like it, and I will say so.

And if you ever have a different experience, please use the Comments box to share it. I will never delete a comment just because you disagree with me.

Share this, please!