This page supports workshops related to PowerPoint CPR. Bookmark this page, since it’s not publicly searchable. We will add resources here as the topic continues to develop. Know of a good addition? Email speakwrite at donnellking dot com.

  • Here is a copy of the handout from the session. Since you may or may not have been present to hear the discussion as we filled it out, I’m posting a version that is filled in.
  • Seth Godin has a free ebook named Really Bad PowerPoint (and how to avoid it). In straight-to-the-point fashion he explains why he makes the five recommendations he uses to guide his own slideware creation.
  • Presentation Zen is a modern classic of presentation design, with a focus on effective slideware. Whether you get the paperback edition or the Kindle Edition, be sure you get the second edition.
  • Check out for a free, web-based alternative to PowerPoint and its cousins. You can certainly produce bad prezis, but it’s different enough to be fresh to an audience if it’s handled properly. There is a free version, and the “pay for” version is still cheaper than buying software that lives on your computer. (Plus there’s a free upgrade for educators with a .edu address.)
  • iPad users should consider a product called Haiku Deck. It is structured so as to force you to design slideware according to the principles of Cognitive Load Theory. Haiku Deck is free.
  • Richard Mayer’s research has greatly developed the application of Cognitive Load Theory to slideware. Here’s a clear article that effectively brings much of that research together.

Additional resources!

Here are related resources that will help you do effective slideware.

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