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Throwing an anchor to a drowning republic

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Consider this quote:

“The housing affordability crisis trumps any theoretical recommendations of economists,” New York State Assemblyman Jonathan L. Bing, a sponsor of many of the rent-control provisions pending in New York, told

In other words, “I’m either an idiot, or I figure the people who vote for me are idiots.” Saying something like that is like saying, “The need to fly trumps any theoretical recommendations of physicists on such trivial things as gravity.”

“We must do something quickly so people will think we’re responding!” say these politicians on observing a drowning man. “Quick, throw him an anchor!”

This isn’t just a theoretical consideration, folks. Time and time and time again experience shows that when government mucks with the market, things get worse, not better. Yes, I think the AIG folks were idiots too, but they were idiots because they believed earlier government officials. The financial problems don’t come from some flaw in the free market; they come from attempts to “fix” it. Does anyone remember the long lines and the shortages that resulted when Jimmy Carter tried to “fix” a “broken” market with price controls on gasoline? Won’t politicians ever get a clue?

If you care at all about the direction of this country and its economy, please lobby your politicians to take their hands off it!

Written by Donnell

March 16th, 2009 at 6:15 pm

Feds poised to create food police–no joke

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We’re less than two months into the Obama administration, and I’m scared to death. I was no fan of Bush, either, nor of McCain, for that matter. It just seemed to be a question of which person was going to get to head the growth of Big Government.

Here we see one of the effects. HR 875 seeks to impose a level of legislation that will be, in the words of one writer, “devastating for everyday folks but great for factory farming ops like Monsanto, ADM, Sodexo and Tyson to name a few.” This is no exaggeration, folks. Read details at Campaign for Liberty and OpenCongress, then call your Congress critter and protest.

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Written by Donnell

March 8th, 2009 at 1:25 pm