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The Mandated Health Insurance Outrage

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The Freeman is one of the great old bastions of liberty that more people should know about. As experts in economics, they have double-credibility that goes beyond mere idealism. They recently had an article entitled The Goal Is Freedom: The Mandated Health Insurance Outrage. It includes such on-target observations as these:

Who do these politicians think they are? Our lives are not theirs to dispose of.

Politicians love to sugarcoat their threats of force. So the Reid bill calls the mandate “shared responsibility.” To those who wonder by what authority the government can make us buy insurance against our will, the bill alludes to the Constitution’s Commerce Clause, which gives Congress the power to “regulate … commerce among the several states.”

(Aside: that clause is the most misused in the Constitution, twisted to cover thousands of affronts to liberty through misapplication and propped up historically by the courts.)

After quoting from Reid’s bill to provide the “justification” for claiming the mantle of the Commerce Clause, The Freeman offers this observation:

In other words, for the sake of making the insurance market work better, we must be forced to buy coverage. How’s that for a justification?

It’s amazing how many fallacies can be stuffed into one argument.

I’ll mention one of them that had occurred to me also. The Feds claim authority to impose this under the Commerce Clause, yet under current law insurance companies are forbidden to compete across state lines. It is the exact opposite of interstate commerce.

Ironically, though, if they gutted everything else from the bill and substituted one item allowing interstate commerce, they would go a long way toward fixing the actual cause of our healthcare crisis, which is government interference in the first place. The ruling party will not do so, however; it gives up too much government control.

There is much, much more in the article, all meat. It’s definitely worth a thoughtful read.

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November 22nd, 2009 at 9:56 am

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Medical care crisis? Get the blame right

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John Stossel astutely points out a key point that does not get aired in the mainstream media as it covers the debate in Congress about “reforming” the medical care system.

Advocates of government control want you to believe that the serious shortcomings of our medical and insurance system are failures of the free market. But that’s impossible because our market is not free. Each state operates a cozy medical and insurance cartel that restricts competition through licensing and keeps prices higher than they would be in a genuine free market. But the planners won’t talk about that. After all, if government is the problem in the first place, how can they justify a government takeover?

Are you surprised? This isn’t an uncommon pattern. Government caused the problem, then uses the problem to claim the need for even more control by the government so it can fix the problem.

Stossel concludes:

Many people are priced out of the medical and insurance markets for one reason: the politicians’ refusal to give up power. Allowing them to seize another 16 percent of the economy won’t solve our problems.

Freedom will.

I just have to say: amen.

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November 19th, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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It lives!

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Has anyone ever resurrected a blog that has been sleeping this long? I don’t know. I thought about just starting from scratch, but there’s a lot of good material here, dated though it is. When someone posted here last, it was right around the election that brought us George W. Bush for the second time. Since then, we’ve had another election that brought us Barack H. Obama.

I don’t think we’ve learned much.

Still, it seems to me that disaffection with both major parties leaves an opening for people to consider that government may be the problem rather than the answer, and you don’t have to be a Reaganite to think so. It’s time again to examine ideas about liberty.

Here’s a podcast that briefly explains the moral basis for a modern approach to liberty: The Principle of Non-Aggression.

Play it right here:

In any case, we will repost some older posts that still have relevance, while leaving the original in place, just in case someone has linked to the original. Everything from here forward should be new.

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November 18th, 2009 at 2:39 pm

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