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Update: Cat. IV a problem only if you want to work in certain jobs

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We posted earlier several items about a ruling by the Tennessee Department of Education that would prevent graduates of Category IV schools (which includes some homeschoolers and some church-related-school students going through classroom-based private schools) from having their diplomas recognized as valid. An updated email from Kay Brooks, whose posts about the matter have consistently covered the who fiasco, points out the real effect: you may not be able to get a job as a peace officer or a worker in a license day care facility.

ALL other jobs are not in play. What the DOE thinks of a Category IV diploma is of no concern. If your student is going on to college, the military, trade school this issue won’t impact them.… For every other job on the planet, as near as we can tell at this time, what the DOE thinks of your child’s Category IV diploma doesn’t matter. [Emphasis in original–DK]

Even in these cases, the solution is annoying but simple: get a GED.

We appreciate the calming effect of this insight. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note the comments that Tennessee’s stance on this has provoked across the nation (see the page on for a more complete summary).

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Written by Donnell

June 18th, 2008 at 8:34 am