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YES, I KNOW that I have been VERY tardy about sending out the ezine! Do I have any excuses for this tardiness? Well, yes, if you use the standard ones like “been very busy, been on vacation, more projects than time,” etc. BUT if I take responsibility for my own actions then NO I have NO excuse!

Well this time we Libertarians/libertarians have something to be excited about! As you will note from this great article by Eric, who works with Congressman Ron Paul, we have a new VERY Libertarian governor-elect – ARNOLD!

Read on and enjoy!

Cort McCadden

Arnold Schwarzenegger; A Hardcore Libertarian from the Austrian School?

By Eric Dondero

The vast majority of the libertarian political movement is backing Tom McClintock for Governor of California. McClintock is a long-time friend and ally of the libertarian movement, specifically the Republican Liberty Caucus. His libertarian credentials are impeccable. And even more, Tom’s a super nice guy. The libertarian movement owes Tom McClintock their loyalty and an endorsement. But grossly underestimated have been the solid libertarian credentials of McClintock’s rival in the Governor’s race; Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If Arnold ends up on top, libertarians should not be at all disappointed.

The following are excerpts from an article that appeared on on Aug. 13 written by Contributor Gregory Ransom titled “Arnold is an Economics Nerd”:

When I was in college, I was a bit of a library nerd. I used to go to UCSD’s Central Library and browse the stacks, especially the economics section. I remember picking up a small, poorly bound book that was a collection of papers presented at a very academic, very technical symposium held in the early 1980’s on the Austrian school of economics. That’s not actually a school, but a group of thinkers who ushered in a new free market view of economics.

On the first page was a small list of attendees at the conference, and there was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name.

This actually wasn’t that surprising, and not just because Arnold’s Austrian. He has an undergraduate degree in business and international economics, and was very rich before he ever became an actor (he invested the money he made in body building very shrewdly).

I strongly disagree with those… who claim that no one knows what he stands for.

Ransom goes on:

Friedrich Hayek is the best known member of the Austrian School of Economics. The first few pages of Friedman’s Free to Choose is a classic exposition of Hayek’s account of the price system as knowledge communication system. Hayek’s classic paper “The Use of Knowledge is Society” was a fixture in Friedman’s economic classes at the U. of Chicago. Friedman was among those turned toward a free market liberal perspective after reading Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom — and Friedman was an original member of Hayek’s influential Mont Pelerin Society.

In addition, here is a quote from Arnold himself that’s from the Laissez Faire Book’s web page selling Milton and Rose Friedman’s “Free to Choose” videos:

Milton and Rose Friedman’s Free to Choose TV series has changed my life. I came from Austria, a socialistic country where government controlled the economy. A place where you can hear 18-year-old kids talking about their pensions. I wanted more. I wanted to be the best. I had to come to America. I had no money in my pocket, but here I had the freedom to get it. I have been able to parlay my muscles into a big movie career. Okay, so there I was, waiting for Maria to get ready for a game of mixed doubles tennis. I started flipping the television dial. I caught a glimpse of Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman whom I recognized from my studies in economics. I didn’t know I was watching

Free to Choose. It knocked me out. Dr. Friedman validated everything I ever thought about the way the economy works. I became a big pain in the neck about Free to Choose. All my friends and acquaintances got tapes as well as books for Christmas after Christmas. If I had come up with Free to Choose, maybe I wouldn’t have got into body building. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

And furthermore here’s a quote from Washington Times Editorial Writer Donald Lambro on August 14:

The news media and pundits have been feeding the notion that beyond his celebrity, Mr. Schwarzenegger does not have any deep political beliefs of his own. In fact he has deep-set political beliefs in the power of capitalism, deregulation and free markets to create economic prosperity. With a bachelor’s degree in business, he has attended events sponsored by the Reason Foundation, a West Coast-based libertarian policy institute that champions privatization of state-run functions.

His reading includes books by Friedrich Hayek, the Nobel Prize-winning economist best known for his seminal free-market work, “The Road to Serfdom.” More than a decade ago, when Mr. Schwarzenegger was still building his movie career, he was also a huge fan of free-market economist Milton Friedman and the best-selling book he wrote with his wife, Rose, “Free To Choose.”

And this appeared in an article on News Max written by CA Bay Area Republican Activist Bob Chandra on September 2:

A recent Contra Costa article (“Arnold’s finances reveal a shrewd tale”) reveals how Schwarzenegger built his personal fortune through successful entrepreneurship and perceptive business moves. Arnold told the Financial Times, “I am more comfortable with an Adam Smith philosophy than with Keynesian theory.” He has also said, “I still believe in lower taxes — and the power of the free market. I still believe in controlling government spending. If it’s a bad program, let’s get rid of it.”

According to a San Jose Mercury News report, Schwarzenegger is a “fan of the University of Chicago Economics Department, which had provided President Reagan’s economic advisers”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently appointed hardcore Free Market Economist and Drug Legalization advocate George Schultz of the Hoover Institute to be his top Economic Advisor. Plus, he has repeatedly asserted his enthusiastic support for Proposition 13 Property Tax Roll Back and Proposition 187 which eliminates illegal immigrants from the welfare rolls. This leads one to the conclusion that Schwarzenegger is not only a libertarian, but actually quite a diehard libertarian.

Simply put, libertarians have the best of both worlds. Who could have ever predicted many years ago that the libertarian movement would be faced with an impossible choice of two hardcore libertarians running for the Governorship of California?

Could Libertarian Party Founder David Nolan ever have predicted a day when two libertarians would be battling each other for the Governorship of the nation’s largest state? Similarly, how about Ed Clark back in the 1980 Libertarian race for California Governor? Could Ed and his supporters ever have envisioned that their heroic race would popularize libertarianism to the point that two libertarians would one day run for Governor both as Republicans? When I myself founded the Republican Liberty Caucus in 1990, I never dreamed that we’d reach a point where two libertarians would face off against each other in a GOP primary for any race, let alone a race for Governor of California.

Now we have: Arnold Schwarzenegger; a Hollywood Celebrity, unabashed libertarian Republican, and a big fan of Milton Friedman’s who is well-versed on Austrian Economics. And Tom McClintock; A budget crunching extremely fiscally conservative honorable State Senator and super nice, good looking “Boy Next Door.” Two solid libertarian Republicans running for Governor of California. Or as Arnold would say – Calii- Fhorn-ya. (No immigrant slur intended).

Both make fantastic poster boys for libertarian Republicans.

These are very happy times for the libertarian political movement indeed. *Note – Eric Dondero is a former Libertarian Party activist and the Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He lives in Houston, Texas.

Written by Donnell

October 1st, 2003 at 9:31 pm

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