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I work with individuals and groups who want to forge top-notch communication skills to increase their impact and influence, and with college educators who want to reach students effectively with life-changing insights.

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You never get a second chance to create a first impression! Communication isn’t rocket science, but it can be one of the most challenging activities. People sweat over the words, but the fact is audiences won’t remember the details.

That doesn’t mean details don’t matter. They do! Well-chosen details help create a strong impression. A well-chosen mix of platform skills and written materials give audiences the ability to master detail, the context for understanding it, and the motivation to actually do so–whether the audience consists of 1,000 people or one!

In short, the impression you create determines whether they understand your message, and whether they want to remember it.

I’m passionate in helping you harness the following in service of confidently communicating your message:

  • Effective delivery
  • How to look confident, feel confident, and be confident
  • How to harness stage fright
  • How to use a microphone like a pro
  • Effective message structure
  • Effective design and management of slideware (PowerPoint and KeyNote are the two most common programs for slideware)

Effective communication can boost careers, increase sales, and even save marriages! Let us help! Drop an email to speakwrite at donnellking dot com.

Obligatory bio info

DonnDonn King works with individuals and groups who want to forge top-notch communication skills to increase their influence. He is associate professor of speech and journalism at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as a speaker, writer, and computer geek. He has spoken to audiences, churches, and radio audiences across the United States and written numerous newspaper, magazine, and blog articles as well as a textbook.

Need to book Donn or otherwise get in touch? Drop us an email at:

speakwrite at donnellking dot com

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