As you probably read about on our blog, I use Scrivener to write almost everything. On this page, you can link to the version that is best suited to your situation and try it out. Remember that Scrivener gives you a true 30-day trial period (i.e., it only counts the days you actually use it–it doesn’t just start counting down from the first day you open it).

Right now, Scrivener comes in four versions for two platforms:

Note that the education licenses give a discount on the other side of the initial link, but you will have to have documentation of your connection to a college or school to qualify.


I make extensive use of this handy little utility all the time, especially when I’m driving, but even when I’m working in the kitchen. It’s a simple concept: you hit the icon on your phone, and you can record seven seconds of audio without doing anything else.

You have a lot of tweaking you can do, from changing the default length of the recording (rather have 10 seconds regularly? Change it), to setting where the recordings wind up (on your phone, uploaded to Dropbox, uploaded to Evernote), to changing the default behavior when it starts (I changed mine so that it doesn’t automatically start recording. Now the app opens and waits for me to hit the big “Record” button, but it still records the seven seconds and stores it where I told it to). The main screen also includes an easy-to-see button to extend the recording to 60 seconds (if you finish sooner, just hit “Save), which is handy for those times when you just need a few more seconds.

I have mine tied to Dropbox, so that the next time I log into my computer a popup reminds me I have new recordings. I simply play them back and do whatever is necessary to follow up with the audio note. For instance, if it was an idea for a blog post, I’ll go to WordPress and throw in a quick draft. If it was a reminder for my todo list, I enter it. If it was a quick website I wanted to check, I open up Chrome and go there.

In any case, I don’t have to worry about the thought or idea evaporating before I get someplace I can safely write it down, and it’s much safer than using the free voice recorder that comes with the phone.

You can check into Say&Go on iTunes.

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