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  • Taco lessons for life

    I had a similar conversation on separate occasions with two of my kids following some unwise choice both had made. It went something like this: “There are three kinds of people in the world. There are people who learn the easy way. There are people who learn the hard way. And there are people who […]

  • Knowing and “knowing” are not the same

    I just came from the grocery store. You see people you know there if you live in a relatively small town. As I was checking out, I saw one of Hannah’s respiratory therapists outside the front of the store. I knocked on the window to get her attention, and she reacted, but didn’t seem sure […]

  • Two words can completely change experience

    My wife said something to me while I was in the middle of a frustrating experience that completely changed it. She said thank you. No related posts.

  • The most overlooked prep time for speakers

    Austrian journalist Karl Kraus once famously defined a journalist as someone who has nothing to say but knows how to say it. Journalism students have a tendency to fill a college career with nothing but journalism courses, which can lead to exactly the situation Kraus described. That’s why schools accredited by the Association for Education […]

  • Stop worrying about learning styles

    Regular readers here know I am somewhat skeptical of research about learning styles. I am far from alone on this. Regular readers also know my frequent theme about the need for teachers and speakers to go beyond serving merely as information transmitters. You can imagine my delight when I stumbled across a post that combines […]

  • The experience of learning

    My friend and colleague Kat Bailey at APSU has some great observations on Lessons from the Game Culture for Education. For instance: [E]xperience is the heart of learning, it is the best teacher. Flat knowledge in books or lectures are leap points for learning, but activity is the key to success in the learning cycle. […]