Two more tips for using humor in speeches

She still has that look this week!
She still has that look this week!

Last week, I posted a couple of tips from a recent speaking experience about practical humor for speakers. Let’s continue with that this week. Continue reading “Two more tips for using humor in speeches”

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Two tips for using humor in speeches


I mentioned earlier that I had a great time last weekend at the District 63 Toastmasters Conference. Part of the reason, honestly, is that the education session I conducted went well, by which I mean people seemed to enjoy learning something practical about parliamentary procedure.

I don’t think anyone expects to have fun with Robert’s Rules of Order, but indications are that people did. While I didn’t want to just have fun, I did want to have fun learning something useful together, because I think (and research supports) that you understand more and retain more if you have fun learning. Continue reading “Two tips for using humor in speeches”

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Inspiration from Dr. Seuss

This isn’t directly related to speaking or writing, but it is inspiration from one of the most effective writers of the 20th century. In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy it, and most of the quotes are good encouragement for anyone, especially those who seek to spread a message of some sort. (And for speakers: it’s pronounced “Zoyce,” not “Soos.”)

Dr. Seuss Quotes
[Via: 30 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Live By]

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Social networking not necessarily social

Elizabeth Bernstein shares observations with implications for modern communication in a Wall Street Journal article entitled “How Facebook Can Ruin Your Friendships.” Do you see implications for your own use of online social media?

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Syllabus for parody course too true

One of the great things about parody, of course, is that it is all at once funny and not-funny-because-it’s-too-true. Robert Lanham has produced a syllabus for a course called Internet-Age Writing, and it makes me laugh and cry, just like those people I heard about in a student’s speech who named their dog “Fungus.” What worries me is the number of people who will not get the cultural references on either side of this thing. Note: if you skim it instead of read it, you are already Too Far Gone.

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Why we need problem-solving skills

According to everything I’m reading, this is not an April Fool’s joke. A woman in Kissimmee, Florida, called 911 because she was locked in her car. She was locked in her car because nothing electrical was working, and her car had electric door locks.

Yep, that’s right. She didn’t know what that little plunger thingie up by the window was for. After all, it wasn’t electric.

Here’s the actual recording of the call.

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