It’s not news that churches suddenly had to go online a year ago or lose the ability to connect with their people and serve a hurting world. Many of us did exactly that, and you may now be having two reactions.

  1. I’m so glad we can get in-person again and leave this whole Zoom thing behind!
  2. I’ve been doing this for a year. I know what I’m doing.

Either of those may cause you trouble!

  1. Zoom and its cousins (like Microsoft Teams and Google Meets) are not going away any time soon. People have found they can connect without having to spend time and money on travel. Plus, there’s a whole population of people “out there” we can’t reach with our existing technology (and by that, I mean our church buildings and the way we’ve been doing things for a long time).
  2. You may have heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” It’s wrong. The reality is, practice just make permanent. If you have been trying to do on Zoom just what you had been doing in your classrooms and pulpits, you are probably not using the new medium in the most useful way. It’s like doing a TV newscast with just a radio announcer reading the news on camera.

The most important factor in an engaging meeting is YOU—and by that, I mean the sense of your presence, a human being people can relate to. There’s a reason the gospel spread person to person. There’s a reason just handing people a tract does little good. Most people will not visit a church unless someone invites them, and they come because a person made them feel welcome.

Zoom can do that. But not the way most of us have been using it.

This Thursday (yes, that soon!) you have the opportunity to attend a FREE webinar to help you make what you’re already doing even more effective. It’s called “Online Presence: Engagement Beyond Worship.” We will cover topics such as:

  • Why do we need to use Zoom differently?
  • How do I hold the attention of students?
  • What should I do besides talk?
  • What can I do about Zoom fatigue? (Hint: there’s no such thing.)
  • How do I protect the group against disrupters while maintain an open, welcoming atmosphere?
  • How do I get a virtual background looking good without spending an arm and a leg?
  • How can I foster a sense of group identity?

We will cover all that and more. Join us at 2 p.m. OR at 7 p.m. Each session will be live, not a repeat, so we can speak directly to your concerns.

Seats are limited, though, so grab yours now!

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