I got behind on posting updates here, but I’ve been getting a lot of writing done on Medium. (Follow me there.) As my own writing evolves, I continue to focus on effective communication, but I’m also branching out into other areas of interest. This blog is, therefore, more and more focusing on my work as a writer in general. Accordingly, I will start including here links to things other than just communication-related posts, but I will use subheads to help you find the things you are most interested in.

Remember that for those posts on Medium that are “members only,” you have two (well, two and a half) options. One would be to join Medium for the nominal $5 a month—less than any single issue of a magazine, giving you access to tons of great content. The other would be to support me on Patreon, where I share copies of Members Only material to those who support at only $2 a month and up. (The half option: Medium will let you read up to three Members Only posts for free. I post more than that, and if you spend much time on Medium you’ll see other teasers for Members Only posts you will want to read. Fair warning.)

Here’s what’s gone up since March 16.

Effective communication

Life Lessons


Short stories


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