False dichotomy: Content vs. Delivery

Content or delivery?

I hear this argument all the time. Which is more important? Solid content? Or solid delivery?

My definitive answer: both are more important. Continue reading “False dichotomy: Content vs. Delivery”

photo by: lisaclarke
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Before you reach Plan D

Presenting naked

A participant in a recent program on “PowerPoint CPR” asked me how I prepare for equipment failure. Irma Perry, a former Toastmasters International Director, put it this way: “I wondered if you come prepared with ‘extra’ equipment, in the event of equipment failure — been there done that, but used ‘paper handouts’ as I didn’t have extra equipment.”

Good question, because it’s bound to happen, isn’t it? My wife hates it when I talk about Murphy’s Law, but I consider it a positive thing: if you recognize the reality of Murphy’s Law, you plan to overcome its effects.

My definitive answer: it depends. Continue reading “Before you reach Plan D”

photo by: JoshuaBloom
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