My daughter

Forgive me if this gets too personal. It’s just that we are just about 18 hours away from major surgery on my special needs daughter, and I need to get some community support. There are a lot of “on the other hands” here. It is major surgery. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon (scoliosis surgery), and the doctors have done a lot of them. On the other hand, Hannah has medical issues that no one else has ever seen before. In the best of circumstances, unforeseen things happen. In these circumstances “foreseen” doesn’t mean much anyway.

Bottom line: I’m scared. I’m at work, and I’m getting my work done (and doing a good job of it, I might add), but every once in awhile the freakout wells up and it’s all I can do to contain it.

So whatever your spiritual bent might be, please, for Hannah and for us who will have to wait an unbearable few hours tomorrow, offer a prayer, chant, light a candle, sacrifice a chicken, meditate, sing, whirl, talk to your spirit guide, send out good thoughts, offer metta, or whatever it is you do. I think support in any form has no downside.

Please excuse me now–I need to go someplace quiet for a few minutes.

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