Thoughts on Web 2.0 and Human 1.5

This is for an assignment in the Digital Storytelling course, but I’m happy to share it here, for whatever it’s worth. I was thinking about how differently writers approached things “in my day” with copyright, etc., and today with things like Creative Commons licenses. I don’t know how informative it is, but it reflects my personal process somehow.

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  1. Alan Levine

    Nicely done! You’ve sure had your hands on a lot of old media 😉 Using the black and white image as a backdrop works well for those zoom ins, and you use prezi well to show and hide content in a sensible order.

  2. Donnell King

    Thank you, Alan! I feel particularly encouraged because I have followed you for some time via Second Life and NMC–I know how skilled you are with new media!

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