More update problems, but a realistic perspective

It’s the Morning After. It has become routine among SL residents to expect problems after Linden Lab releases an update to the client. No doubt this is annoying. But a comment on the SL blog puts it in perspective. It says in part:

And for all the bugs and work arounds, I used to test developing software (mind you I’m not a programmer by any means and learning with the rest of you) as a end user and what I can tell for every update, for every release, for every improvement to the grid…there will be new issues, and new items to address. In a complex enviroment such as SL (which is very groundbreaking mind you) there will always be updates and new issues as the game is developing as we are playing it. A world such as SL will be permanently in development as the user demand requires new and exciting things to explore. If SL was like every other product on the market…we would be very limited to our abilities and growth but instead LL as created a wonderful developing World which is no difference then Real Life itself, ever changing.

I don’t like it when I can’t teleport around, or my hair disappears, or any number of other problems crop up. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the platform SL is pioneering is about in the same place the Web was 10 years ago. I can remember having all kinds of issues at the time, getting frustrated, waiting for pages to load, able to evolve into another life form it took so long. But I’m still here. Linden Lab needs the positive pressure to continue improving the product, of course, but I’ve done just enough programming to appreciate the enormity of the task they’re undertaking.

Pioneering is, by its nature, dangerous. I appreciate my colleagues who are pioneering this platform, and glad we’re able to do it virtually. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how quickly we can get attached to our virtual realities?

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