Answering some concerns

Originally published in The Metaverse Messenger, in the Dec. 12, 2006, edition in the “Learning Curves” column on page 20.

Staff Writer

As some of us explore Second Life as a tool for education, we’ll see many different perspectives. Surely it has always been the case. I can imagine some ancient Greeks sitting around drinking ouzo and talking about the new-fangled teaching innovation.

“I don’t know,” says one, “I just don’t see how having 20 people sitting in a classroom listening to a guy talk can possibly be as good as walking around the hills engaging in dialogue.”

“It’ll never catch on,” says the other. “I mean, can you see Socrates standing at the front of a room like that? He’d choke on an olive pit first.”

Second Life will not be for everyone (either student or teacher) any more than the Web is for everyone. Lecture isn’t for everyone, either. Group learning isn’t for everyone. Yet, some people reject SL in education because it won’t serve everyone. Continue reading “Answering some concerns”

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Islands delivered!

Our new islands have been delivered! We still can’t access them, since permissions need to be set. But within a couple of days you’ll be able to visit these raw pieces of land within SL. This semester will see quite a bit of development here.

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