We had 22 people take part in the Conversation Café, not counting the two facilitators (plus a couple of people who came through just long enough to get their passports stamped, but they don’t count). Mary Bledsoe, in charge of the Student Life office, provided cookies and coffee from the cafeteria, which everyone seemed to enjoy. Discussion was lively, and in some cases stayed with the announced topic (Overwork, Overscheduling), and sometimes went in other directions (such as the recent election), all of which was fine, since the point of CCs is more to connect than to stay on topic.

I’m always amazed at Marsha Hupfel’s ability to summarize the tables at the CCs she facilitates. Maybe she’s just better organized, and maybe she thinks to get a reporter at each table. We’ll aim for that next time.

I was impressed, though, that at least one table connected with each other enough to make arrangements to get together again to continue discussion.

We have decided to schedule two CCs on the Parkway campus in the spring, one in February and one in March. One will target the MWF pattern of classes, and the other will target the TR pattern of classes. Although we wanted to establish a time to begin a tradition, we’ve already seen that we need to shift the MWF time a bit to more closely align with classes, so whatever day we schedule, we’ll start the CC at 2 p.m., and we’ll set the TR time to coincide with that class pattern as well.

Be sure to check the listings page for those and other Conversation Cafés at PSTCC.

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