As more PSTCC members get into Second Life, having a list of useful place inside SL becomes more important. We had several faculty leave Help Island today, somewhat nervously, because they’re not sure they can find their way to the Help facilities inside the main SL world. So I’m going to start a listing of places that are good for newbies. I anticipate adding to this list, so you might want to bookmark the post.

This list uses SLurls–links to locations inside SL that, when clicked upon, will open the site and show you the place on its map, which, in turn will let you click on the “Teleport Now” button. That will start the Second Life client (if it’s not already running) and locate the spot on the inworld map. Once the inworld map has located the spot, you can click the “Teleport” button on that map, and will wind up at the location. It takes a bit of clicking, but it’s better than writing down the region name and XYZ coordinates, and then entering them by hand.

  • Help Island Public replicates the resources found on Help Island.
  • New Citizens Plaza–one of the most helpful places in SL. They hold frequent free classes in basic SL skills. You can also join a group and be able to set your home here.
  • Jubata Area Freebie Lot–as the name implies, many, many freebies here.
  • Academy of Second Learning–solid, free classes on basics of SL life, including business, building, inventory management, etc.
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